Pinhole Camera Talk

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Hear from accomplished commercial photographer Karto as he shares his passion for creating pinhole cameras by hand. He will talk about the functions of a pinhole camera, as well as the mechanics, intricacy and techniques of pinhole photography. With his latest innovation of the ‘Pinhole Converter’, you can also learn to convert your existing camera into a pinhole camera!


Past sessions:
23 Nov 2014 (Sun), 2pm, Bukit Merah Public Library

11 Jan 2015 (Sun) 2pm, Tampines Regional Library



*Karto, or Khamis Ariffin, is known for his handmade pinhole cameras, a craft only a rare few can boast to possess. He has exhibited his pinhole cameras in Singapore, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. His cameras are also collected by enthusiasts in Singapore, Indonesia, London, Amsterdam and other parts of Europe.