Seminars & Talks


¤  The Migration of People and Spread of Pantun in the Malay Archipelago (talk in Malay)
Date: 15 November 2014
Organiser: Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre, Institute of South East Asia Studies (ISEAS)
Time: 2 – 4 pm
Chair: Hidayah Amin 
Venue: Level 16, The Pod, National Library Building, Singapore

¤  Jalinan-Budi Seminar Series: Creating a Culture of Research and Enquiry
Date: 24 October 2014
Organiser: Malay Language and Culture Department, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Paper:  Gedung Kuning: A Family Home & the Diversity of a Malay house
Time: 10 am
Presenters: Hidayah Amin and Fauzy Ismail
Venue: NTU, Singapore

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Motivational Talks

Past Sessions

MSI 2013
Audience: Students pursuing tertiary education, parents
Date: Saturday, 7 September 2013
Venue: Auditorium, Sultan Mosque

“The guest speakers were so inspiring with full of challenging experiences when they shared about their learning journey.” – Nurhayati, mother

“It was v inspirational and informative.” – Nadhirah, student


LBKM’s 47th Annual Bursary Presentation Ceremony 

Audience: Recipients of the tertiary level bursary
Date: Saturday, 10 November 2012
Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre

“We were there. What touched us most was the Talk given by Miss Hidayah Amin. It was indeed inspirational and motivational.” – Marinah Ali

“My motivation, Hidayah Amin” – Sister of LBKM’s bursary recipient


Enhancing Resilience and Performance
Audience: Secondary 4 Express
Date: Friday, 31 July 2012
Venue: Bedok View Secondary School


  (*our CEO in red top)

Speaker for ‘Be Local, Go Global’ panel
Audience: Participants in the Mendaki Learning Festival
Date: Friday, 15 June 2012
Venue: Hall 5B, Singapore Expo

“i was there at the forum today where you speak as the guest. i need to tell you that you’re truly an inspiration.” –  Kamsiah Yusoff

“I witnessed your wonderful talk at Hall 5B on Friday. Thanks for the most sincere sharing of your accounts on living and studying overseas. I really hope the parents will feel more comfortable and convinced. At least I am. Thank you once again.” – Razali Omar


‘Minah in Cambridge’ motivational talk
Audience: Children of  Darul Ma’wa, Jamiyah Children’s Home
Date: Saturday, September 2011
Venue: Darul Ma’wa (old premise)

*Darul Ma’wa is a Children’s Home for orphans and children from disadvantaged families of various race and religion

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*Depending on requirement, our talks include pre-session survey form (pre-test), worksheets, powerpoint slides, feedback form as well as a fun and interactive element.