Reading Sessions @ Schools

Reading Session

We have been conducting readings sessions and participating in library talks in schools.

Snippets of our past sessions:



Asian Arts and Culture Week
9 – 13 February, 2015: Authors at a Glance
United World College Southeast Asia Primary Library



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We had a great reading session of Mina meets Cambridge book with 70 students at West Spring Primary School on Thursday, 3 March 2016. The session was followed by an interactive quiz about the book.











“Your name is etched in the kids’ minds. This afternoon, one girl came up to me to ask if they are having ‘Ms Hidayah Amin’ again for their lit enrichment! She said your name in full.”

“This morning, we had a chat session with parents. One of them commended your session. Her daughter won the book and have been talking about it.”

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School Assembly Talk

Hidayah talked about The Mango Tree book at Da Qiao Primary School on Monday 2 Sept. 2013. The kids simply loved her personalised reading and interactions with them.

Some comments from some of the teachers:
“I think the children like her a lot.”
“My kids wanted to go meet her.”
“Agree. She had their attention throughout, that stirred excitement the question segment.”
“It was very engaging.”



A comment from a mother:
“My daughter bought your book today. She loves it. Thank you.”