Hidayah Amin

Founder & CEO

A daughter of Kampong Glam in Singapore, Hidayah was educated in Singapore, France, USA and England. She received her masters degrees from the University of Cambridge, UK and Lehigh University, USA. She was also the recipient of several awards such as the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, Alpha Delta Kappa International Teacher Education Scholarship and the Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship.


interns  | /ˈɪntəːns/

Zaiba Mohd Noor

[March – June 2016]

“During my three-month internship with Helang Books, I have learnt many things that I believe is going to be useful as I embark on my career as a designer. Hidayah Amin has helped me reach my fullest potential and if not for her strong motivation and advises, I do not think I would have discovered some of the skills that I have. I really would like to thank her for teaching me things more than just design related. I have had the opportunity to learn the process of creating a book. The unconditional mentorship I have received from Hidayah Amin, Lee Seow Ser and Tan Ai Khim has opened my eyes to the route I can take in my future. I aspire to be as hardworking and meticulous as they are. One of my greatest memory during my internship at Helang Books was my involvement during the Asian Festival for Children’s Content (AFCC) 2016. I will never forget the hard work Helang Books put in to ensure our booth stood out amongst others and the social media campaigns we ran to garner people to the event. Designing the e-posters and blasting them on Helang Books social media were such an experience. I am so glad for this opportunity and I will always be honoured to have designed Helang Books marketing collaterals.”

Sharifah Nabilah Syed Omar

[June – July 2015]

“My experience at Helang Books has been a meaningful one as I was given tremendous opportunities to actively learn and discover behind the scenes of what goes on in the business of book publishing. On my first day, I was thrilled to know that my seven-week internship would entail being “on the field” rather than sitting in an office. True enough, my visits to the printing house gave me a nuanced understanding of the sophisticated and ever-changing technologies involved in printing books as well as the challenges that entail. There, I learnt from my bosses how to effectively manage unanticipated problems that may occur in the process of printing. Among the responsibilities I was entrusted with include planning and coordinating a book launch, from sending out invites to ensuring that the program runs according to plan.

For my wonderful experience at Helang Books, I would like to thank Hidayah Amin, Lee Seow Ser and Tan Ai Khim for welcoming me onboard their meaningful projects and entrusting me with important tasks. It was an honor to be part of the team in making the project a success because I can attest to the hard work put into it. I am grateful for their patience and guidance without which I would be lost.”

Danyya Ateera

[March – July 2012]

“Interning with Archipelago Consultancy (AC) had allowed me to learn in depth about the country that I resided in. Of how much a lot of its heritage are slowly fading and how important it was to preserve such a heritage as it is our signature as Singaporeans. This journey had brought me to places  I didn’t know exist and lead me into meeting people who are very passionate in their work.

I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to coordinate a short film alongside with the giants in the industry such as director Sanif Olek and producer Hidayah Amin. Coming from a non-media background was not setback as I was taught the hands on on what goes behind producing a film from scratch. AC have truly taught me how to use our talents to make a difference. I strongly reccomend AC as a platform for you to discover the inner potential in you. Bring your imaginations beyond just your pen and paper.”


wrote on 12 April 2012

“Though it was 2 years ago I just wanted to thank you for being an awesome supervisor, looking out for us (myself & Euminl), ensuring that we adapt to the environment, chiding us when we make mistakes, giving us opportunities and most importantly being part of a memorable 20 weeks at MOE! :D”

“I got an A! Thank for everything you have helped me through during the 5 months! :)”
– Shobana Vickiraman

*Polytechnic students Shobana & Euminl were under Hidayah’s supervision when they interned at the Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education (January – May 2010)

“Hi Hidayah, hope all is well. I got an AD for my internship! Thank you for your guidance.” – Euminl Er

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