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How time flies! We are half way through 2014 and are busy with our projects as well as taking some time off to some mid-year reflections.

  • Shin_Min_Daily_News_15_June_2014_p7Our Braille book initiative is covered by the Chinese press and the Malay Radio News. To date, we have donated 14 Braille books to the visually challenged kids at Lighthouse School the SAVH, and the National Library. Kind supporters even bought 4 books to give to other blind kids. Thank you!
  • We are excited that our third book is at the layout stage.
  • Our first ‘Have Fun with Drama!‘ session will be held this month. Bring your kids!
  • Our boss will be presenting at the Int’l Association for the Studies of Traditional Environments (IASTE) conference in December.
  • We made friends with overseas book sellers. Hopefully we can do overseas book launches in the future.

To our Muslim clients and friends, have a blessed Ramadan!

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