Archipelago Consultancy is a Singapore-based consultancy providing high quality services in the areas of  Research, Heritage, Education and Creativity

Our Founder

Hidayah Amin is the Founder & CEO of Archipelago Consultancy.

A daughter of Kampong Glam in Singapore, Hidayah was educated in Singapore, France, USA and England. She received her masters degrees from Lehigh University, USA and the University of Cambridge, UK. She was also the recipient of several awards such as the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, Alpha Delta Kappa International Teacher Education Scholarship and the Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship.

Hidayah is an award-winning author who has also written several academic articles and presented at international conferences. She has also produced more than 70 documentaries, audio resources and short films.

Hidayah actively volunteers in community/humanitarian projects in Singapore and overseas. Her motto in life: “There’s no mountain too high: Just Climb!”


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